Thursday, November 30, 2023, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Conference 6FBaseQ logo

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Embracing the Future: Japan's Real Estate Market Pivots to the New Age

As Japan’s real estate market pivots to the new age, with post-covid realities affecting how people live and work, and increasing the interest from outside players and investors in the Japan real estate market, the market sits poised to change across all sectors. In addition, new forces such as ESG, PropTech, and clean energy, and a shifting focus towards luxury and branded properties along with a reinforced focus on data centers, reshaping how companies invest, develop, design, and operate within the real estate industry. Join us as we pivot to these issues with key changemakers and industry leaders.

Greeting from the ULI Japan Council Chair

The theme of today’s conference is "Embracing the Future: Japan’s Real Estate Market Pivots to the New Age.” The post-covid realities continue to affect how people live and work and geopolitical realities continue to shape the realities and business of many. Additionally, the need for resiliency in the face of worsening climate change is increasingly shifting regulation and practices towards solutions that incorporate ESG, clean energy, and decarbonization and other sustainability forward practices. In this landscape, Japan finds increasing interest from outside players and investors in its real estate market, priming the market for change across all sectors. With a shifting focus towards luxury and branded properties, companies are facing new realities in how they design, develop, invest and operate within the real estate industry.

Today’s keynote speakers are Dr. Ken Jimbo and Shan Tjio. Dr. Jimbo is a Professor in the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University and Managing Director at International House of Japan. He is an expert in international security and Japan – US security relations. He will discuss geopolitics and their impact on the Japanese economy and real estate. Shan Tjio is Chief Development Officer at Aman Group where she has been instrumental in the brand’s development initiatives and growth in Japan. She is joined by Fred Uruma, Representative Director, Chairman, and CEO of Touchstone Capital Management Co., Ltd. for a discussion around the luxury real estate market in Japan.

Throughout the day we also discuss implementation of environmental measures by market leaders, the size and quality of the luxury real estate market and the sports and entertainment facility market as a driver of city development.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know about the ULI Asia-Pacific Summit to be held in Tokyo May 27-29, 2024, at Tokyo Midtown Roppongi. The Summit will bring together over 700 ULI leaders and industry experts from around APAC, the Americas and beyond, with speakers and attendees providing insights and expertise on Asian real estate trends, leading-edge innovation and pressing issues. We hope that you will mark your calendars and join us there.

Finally, we hope that you will find today productive and meaningful, and I would like to sincerely thank you all for your presence here today and for your continued support of ULI Japan.

Shuji Tomikawa
Mitsui Fudosan Investment Advisors, Inc.






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